Navigating European politics
Understanding the political arena is crucial to all successful lobbying activities. The best way to achieve an ideal representation of interest varies from country to country. Decision-making processes, political culture and lobbying traditions differ to a great extent between Germany/Europe and the United States.

Our services are designed to enable our US clients to understand the complex protocols and logic of European politics and to actively shape the political framework as credible players. In keeping with our Lobbying Leadership approach, Miller & Meier Consulting offers its clients an integrated service portfolio flexibly tailored to their respective goals and concerns.

Miller & Meier Consulting was one of the first consultancies to establish grassroots advocacy campaigning in Europe. By making use of innovative instruments of online communication and translating our client’s issues into consumer interests, we paved the way for voter mobilization in public affairs. Our innovative approach to grassroots advocacy was rewarded with a Pollie Award by the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC).