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European Public Affairs Consultancies’ Association (EPACA), Belgium

EPACA is the umbrella organization for public affairs agencies working with EU institutions. Its goal is the development and assurance of quality standards in the public affairs sector at EU level. EPACA members are bound by a code of conduct. Miller & Meier Consulting is also a member of the European Public Affairs Consultancies Association (EPACA) via our participation in eacon.

German Association of Political Consultants (de’ge’pol), Germany

de’ge’pol – German Association of Political Consultants was founded in May 2002 as an association of German-speaking political consultants. The goal of the association is to develop and assure quality standards in the field of political consulting. de’ge’pol is an independent and cross-party contact partner representing its industry and also the leading political consultant association in Germany. Constanze Miller and Dominik Meier are co-founders of de’ge’pol, with Meier acting as chairman since its founding.

Firstline Communication A/S, Denmark

Firstline Communication is a public affairs agency with more than 60 years of international experience in strategic communication, lobbying, crisis management and sustainability planning. Among Firstline Communication’s many references are a number of prestigious international companies.

Schell & Associés / Cabinet Schell, France

Schell & Associés was founded in 2000 in Paris and has operated a branch in Brussels since 2002. Schell & Associés is committed to the task of establishing permanent relations between private and public institutions that share similar interests. In addition to the organization of events and monitoring on various topics, Schell & Associés focuses on the planning and implementation of parliamentary evenings examining important economic and political issues.

Public Matters, Netherlands

Public Matters is one of the leading public affairs agencies in the Netherlands and strategically located in The Hague. Their focus lies on accompanying regulatory initiatives through political monitoring, political strategy consulting and advocating clients’ interests.

Point Public Affairs, Romania

Point PA is a communications agency advising clients in the fields of public and legal affairs since 1995. Their expert team monitors and is actively involved in the implementation of the ethical principles and standards in lobbying and business conduct. Point PA is founder of the “Romanian Lobbying Registry Association” and a member of the AmCham Romania.

Triangle Consulting Group, Russia

Triangle Consulting Group is a coalition of organizations and experts in the field of consulting with a high level of expertise in different areas, including research and analysis, management consulting, organization and communications consulting, coaching and education projects.

Omniconsul, Portugal

Omniconsul was founded in 1976 in Lisbon, making it Portugal’s first and largest communications consulting agency. Today, Omniconsul is also Portugal’s leading company in the communication sector, having implemented a number of successful projects for global corporations, institutions, associations and governments.

4c Communications Ltd – Viestintätoimisto 4C Oy, Finnland

Based in Helsinki, Finland, 4c Communications was founded in 2004 by two partners who together have more than 50 years of experience in communications consulting. The company has a high level of expertise in management consulting as well as solid practical experience in the area of public affairs and wide-reaching cultural and media relations.

TT&A SRL, Italy

TTA was founded in 1963 and is Italy’s oldest independent PR consultancy. The company offers its national and international clients a wide array of services in the field of strategic consulting and public relations implementation. Its ability to think globally combined with its detailed knowledge in the PR environment makes the TTA team ideal for providing expert advice to their multinational clients.

Mastermind Public Affairs Consulting, Austria

Mastermind provides comprehensive public affairs services for clients active in the fields of business and society. Their main task is the articulation, implementation and safeguarding of the legitimate interests of clients with respect to political decision-making bodies and all relevant stakeholder groups. Their core expertise includes government relations, strategic media relations, campaign management, political audits, corporate social responsibility & community relations, reputation management and online issues management.

Mueller Consulting & Partner, Switzerland

MC&P develops and implements customized strategies and roadmaps for effective lobbying activities and professional political communication for its clients. As political experts with many years of experience in the major arenas associated with government, politics, administration, economics and the media, MC&P assists in the successful positioning of organizations and companies and also in lobbying activities, the detection of market opportunities, reputation enhancement and the carrying out of exciting events.

K Street Advisors, Sweden

K-Street Advisors is a Swedish agency for strategy and communication based in Stockholm. Since 2005 K Street Advisors supports companies, politicians, organizations and government agencies that wish to increase their space to maneuver and realize their goals on markets characterized by political regulations, strong value judgments or harsh competition.

Kissmann Langford, UK

Kissmann Langford was established in 2002 by Edna Kissmann und Martin Langford in London. The communication agency is specialised in advising clients on strategic positioning, topic management and crisis management .

Political Intelligence, UK

Political Intelligence is an independent Public Affairs consultancy, established in 1995 with a presence in the key European markets. Political Intelligence provides a full range of public affairs services that help their clients participate in the policy making process and communicate their key messages effectively. Through their partners, Political Intelligence also offers wider communications services to ensure campaigns are integrated and impactful.

Unilob, Poland

Unilob offers a wide range of services in the field of consultancy. Policy advice represents a significant part of their services and Unilob is one of Poland’s leading companies in conducting lobbying campaigns and in monitoring legislative implementation processes. Unilob was founded in 1999 and is based in Warsaw.

MazzeiHub, Italy

MazzeiHub operates in the fields of lobbying, public affairs, personal and strategic communications, political intelligence. Founded and chaired by Giuseppe Mazzei, Mazzeihub offers services to companies, as well as profit and non-profit associations, in various sectors through their connections: relationships with institutions and with politicians, relationships with all those who gravitate towards the activities of companies and associations (opinion leaders, journalists, interest groups), personal, strategic and company communication, crisis management, and opening up to the market.

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