Our Consulting Approach: Lobbying Leadership™

The Lobbying Leadership concept developed by Miller & Meier Consulting is the product of many years of experience and a response to the core challenges facing all global lobbying activities in modern parliamentary democracies. The effective balancing of interests has become a constitutive feature of modern democracy. In the complex process of weighing up each issue, the key factor for long-term success is the credibility of players and stakeholders. In positioning a client’s interest, Miller & Meier Consulting achieves the necessary reliability in conjunction with a profound knowledge of political processes, a resilient network and a high degree of problem-solving expertise.

Strategy Development

The essential prerequisite of successful lobbying is the development of positioning strategies. At Miller & Meier Consulting, we tailor these strategies to the individual needs of our clients, subject them to continuous review and adjust them if and as necessary.


The consulting process associated with Lobbying Leadership provides our clients with the skills they need to successfully represent their interests in the political sphere over the long term. Miller & Meier Consulting translates economic interests into the language of politics, thus empowering our clients to open up new synergies and positioning opportunities.


Political decision-making represents a complex process in which the interests of numerous competing players must be weighed against each other. In order to be able to shape and influence policy in this competitive environment, Miller & Meier Consulting helps its clients to reach their goals by providing detailed, condensed analyses of existing conditions, intelligent monitoring of political processes and targeted management of issues and messages.


The third key aspect of Lobbying Leadership aims at the practical implementation of the lobbying measures agreed upon with the client in the context of the strategy development. Miller & Meier Consulting creates a customized approach based on the complete spectrum of possibilities, ranging from direct contact (so-called “traditional lobbying”) to indirect lobbying via network multipliers, strategic alliances and grassroots campaigning.