Bridging the gap.

Founded by Constanze Miller and Dominik Meier in 1997, Miller & Meier Consulting is one of the most established and largest owner-operated governmental relations firms in Germany. Having provided advocacy campaigning and strategic political consulting to global players, associations and NGOs for more than fifteen years, we have extensive experience within a wide range of complex policy areas.

With offices in Berlin, Brussels and Washington, we are based at the epicenters of European decision making, at the same time as providing a bridge between the two continents to offer strategic consulting with a global perspective right at your doorstep. Our well-proven network of top-level consultancies throughout the member states of the EU is your gateway to Europe’s political arena.

As one of the leading consultancy firms to initiate and implement grassroots advocacy campaigning in Europe, Miller & Meier Consulting was the first German consultancy rewarded with the prestigious Pollie Award by the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC). To enable our clients to successfully shape modern policy-making over the long term, we have developed an innovative concept of strategic political consulting: Lobbying Leadership™.

As Chairman of the German Association of Political Consultants and one of the spokespersons of the Public Affairs Community of Europe, Dominik Meier has actively shaped the development of governmental relations in the EU and is one of the best-known lobbyists in Berlin.