Do you speak European?
With 28 EU member states and 4 countries associated with the European Free Trade Association, Europe’s internal market constitutes the world’s largest economy: 7 percent of the world’s population generate a GDP of $18 trillion, a fifth of the world gross product and, counted as a single market, the largest overall GDP. The EU-28 is the world’s largest importer of goods and services. Germany, an economic superpower in its own right, has since its reunification increasingly become the driver of growth in the EU economy, paving the way for Berlin’s political leadership.
Are you investing in Europe?
For US companies investing in the EU still is a story of tremendous success. Such economic achievements, however, are often dependent on a company’s understanding of how to shape and navigate the regulatory framework of its market. Hence, investment, acquisition and market entry each require a high level of strategic political planning.
Do you need a bridge builder?
Miller & Meier Consulting provides key insights from the epicenters of European decision-making at your doorstep. As a top-ranked team of independent strategic political consultants, we see ourselves as bridge builders between business and politics as well as between Europe and the USA. Miller & Meier Consulting translates your economic interests into the language of politics, enabling you to shape the political and economic framework of your market.

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